The history of Tagualand


I‘ve always been a loving person of our Ecuadorian handicrafts for many years.

It all started in our home, where some day I received from a relative an order of panama hats for a group of friends living abroad. We accepted the request and that was the beginning of my interest in everything related to its elaboration and design. Talking with our artisans and getting to know the process of the toquilla straw hat and the beautiful and the various models that could be handmade. This awakened me the desire to promote our art outside my country.   Certain situation of fate led us to a shop in Europe at a tourist spot, where we saw a flag colored yellow, blue and red, that we knew very well, the flag of Ecuador.   It was a shop selling unique hats, among them our straw hats .  There I contacted my first client in that shop, starting since then to work in exporting our straw hat and a about a year later, I started with the design of the tagua jewelry, another wonderful craftsmanship of our country. I work together with my artisan friends, who are in charge of the process an handicraft the pieces of taguanut for finally assembling the parts and make the nice jewelry models , earrings, bracelets rings and necklaces to sell them locally and abroad.