How to take care of your Panama Hat



  • These hats are not waterproof. If it gets wet, first wipe it with a clean cloth, then let it dry naturally, without using hair dryers and radiators.
  • Do not expose your hat in the sun or high temperatures as in your car or near a window or hot places without ventilation, The straw can dry and shatter over time. Panama Hats need little moisture to keep the straw in good condition.
  • Never place the hat on his wing, as this tends to deform, support it from the top.
  • Remove any stains with a natural sponge moistened with water and mild soap.

  • Hang it from inside with a hook so that it retains its shape..

  • You can iron your hat, as long as you protect with a cloth over it, as if ironed a shirt, to keep its original shape over time.


The Panama Hat can be bent, but be careful not to do it often because it can cause cracking of the straw or knitting damage.

The finest and more quality, hats can be rolled up during the time of a trip, but once arrived at their destination must be taken out of the box to recover its original shape. We recommend that you do not keep the hat in the box for long periods of time. The longer it remains the hat rolled up, the longer to return to its original form.