Tagua process


Tagua (Vegetable Ivory) is a type of coconut seed which comes from a palm (Phytelepas equatorialis). Tagua is the product of a 6 meters high palm tree , unique to the rainforest of South America. It takes 20 years to reach maturity. Along the trunk has large formations of fruits, where we find get the .Tagua nuts are edible when they are tender and harden when dry as much as the ivory teeth of elephants.

The natives harvest the tagua with caution so that the palm tree remains intact contributing to the preservation of forests and its environment. Harvesting, processing and exporting the tagua provides employment for many families, who without it would have nosource of income.

In older times,we had many tagua crops, but they were reduced when plastic became popular. Nowadays people have become conscious of the need to preserve the environment, which is why demand has increased in developing tagua buttons, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and handmade figures.